Client version 2 is obsolete, please use Client version 3 instead.

Mock chroot

Mock chroot resources represents available chroots for builds. API provides only read-only access, since configuration of the build chroots is done by the service administrator.

Access to the mock chroots is done through mock_chroots(). property of initialized CoprClient. That property is an instance of MockChrootHandle. Mock chroots are represented by MockChroot class.

Mock chroot entity attributes

Field Type Description
name str chroot name
os_release str name of distribution system, e.g.: epel, fedora
os_version str version of distribution system, e.g.: 7, 22
arch str architecture of distribution, e.g.: i386, x86_64, ppc64le
is_active bool defines if this chroot is available for builds


all following examples assume that we use cl as an instance of client_v2.client.CoprClient

Get mock chroot list

>>> mlist = map(str, cl.mock_chroots.get_list(active_only=True))
>>> print("\n".join(map(str, mlist)))
<Mock chroot: epel-6-i386 is active: True>
<Mock chroot: epel-6-x86_64 is active: True>
<Mock chroot: epel-5-i386 is active: True>

Get single mock chroot

>>> mc = cl.mock_chroots.get_one("fedora-22-i386")
>>> print(mc)
<Mock chroot: fedora-22-i386 is active: True>
>>> print(mc.name,  mc.os_release, mc.os_version, mc.arch)
(u'fedora-22-i386', u'fedora', u'22', u'i386')