Client version 3

This documentation describes the third version of python Copr client, which officially supports APIv3. This version addresses the problems that we had with previous versions and therefore obsoletes them.

Operations are separated among multiple proxy classes. All methods are just tiny wrappers around API endpoints. When a method is successful, it returns Munch with data as a result. Otherwise, an exception is raised.

Example usage

from copr.v3 import Client

# Create an API client from config file
client = Client.create_from_config_file()

# Create a new project
chroots = ["fedora-rawhide-x86_64", "fedora-rawhide-i386"]
client.project_proxy.add("@copr", "foo", chroots, description="Some desc")

# Build a package
url = "http://foo.ex/bar.src.rpm"
build = client.build_proxy.create_from_url("@copr", "foo", url)

Quick overview

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