Client version 2 is obsolete, please use Client version 3 instead.


Build resource allows to submit new builds and access current build progress. In fact, build consists of a few tasks, one per chroot, and detailed information is available through Build task.

Access to the builds is done through builds(). property of initialized CoprClient. That property is an instance of BuildHandle.

It may be more convenient to access builds in context of a project using method get_builds().

Builds are represented by Build class.

Build entity attributes

Field Type Description
id int unique build identifier
state string current state of the build, value is aggregated from build tasks
submitted_on int(unixtime UTC) time of the build submission
started_on int(unixtime UTC) time when the first build task started, otherwise null
ended_on int(unixtime UTC) time when the last build task ended, otherwise null
source_type string method used for build creation
source_metadata json object build source information
package_version string version of the source package
package_name string name of the source package
enable_net bool defines if network is available during the build
repos list of string list of additional repositories enabled during the build
built_packages list of hash maps list of the built packages, each hash map has two keys: name and version
submitter string name of the user who submitted the build


Only the state field is editable by the PUT method. All other fields are read-only.

Get builds list

>>> blist_1 = cl.builds.get_list(limit=2)
>>> print(map(str, blist_1))
['<Build #138426 state: succeeded>', '<Build #138425 state: succeeded>']
# using the project object
>>> blist_2 = p.get_builds(limit=2)
>>> print(map(str, blist_2))
['<Build #138423 state: failed>', '<Build #138421 state: failed>']

Get one build

>>> b = cl.builds.get_one(138421)
>>> print(b)
<Build #138421 state: failed>

Create new build

# using the url to sprm
>>> b1 = cl.builds.create_from_url(project_id=3806, srpm_url="http://example.com/my.src.rpm")
# or using project object
>>> b2 = p.create_build_from_url("http://example.com/my.src.rpm")
>>> print(map(str, [b1, b2]))
['<Build #138431 state: importing>', '<Build #138430 state: importing>']

# and using the file upload
>>> b3 = cl.builds.create_from_file(project_id=3806, file_path="/tmp/hello-2.8-1.fc20.src.rpm")
>>> b4 = p.create_build_from_file("/tmp/hello-2.8-1.fc20.src.rpm")

Cancel build

>>> b1.cancel()

Delete build

>>> b1.delete()